Thursday, March 6, 2008

Alas~ exam is over

For 5 days, exam took place. one and a half hour for EACH and EVERY subject was such a waste of time. wasted 5 days at school doing nothing....just boring it was..

after finishing my exam paper, victor keep on kap those form 3 girl who are in block c, then keep on telling me nonsense~ even worst is that yong zi lip perasaan and thought that a pps is kap-ing him~ xD it's lame. btw, feel sorry for beh... get scolded by puan zarini thx to me~ what to do?? puan zarini everyday kap me...

really bo song add maths~ didn't read about simultaneous equation for too long and didn't do any revision about it and as a result, i didn't know how to do.... haiz~ i wonder what would i get for this exam for i haven't prepare at all~ hope that i wouldn't suffer from depression (i won't) *lol*

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